SnortSam Credits

SnortSam has to thank a lot of people. They are listed here in no particular order (except maybe alphabetical):

Aaron Carr:
    For making a development machine and PIX available for development of the
    PIX plugin.

Ali Basel:
    For writing the Cisco ACL plugin, the documenation for it and the SNMP-
    interface-down plugin with documentation.

Bjorn Jansson:
    For his great assistance in hunting down cross-endian related bug.

Christopher Lyon:
    For providing a lot of info on the Netscreen commands and ideas on how to
    block on Netscreen. He also made a machine available to test and debug the

Craig Gill:
    For hunting down several bugs, and great suggestions or 'feature requests'.

Dave Robinson:
    For his patience during trouble shooting.

Erik Sneep:
    For writing the IPFilter (ipf) plugin.

Fabrizio Tivano:
    For writing the IPtables (iptables) plugin.

Hector Paterno:
    For writing the PacketFilter (pf) and IPchains plugins.

Jason Amsden:
    For helping cleaning the code so that it compiles smooth under various

Jason Hershcopf:
    For trouble shooting assistance and bug reports.

Jeff Boles:
    For providing suggestions and info on how to block on Cisco routers.
    (This was before Ali developed the plugin independently).

John Hall:
    For lots of support and trouble shooting assistance with various Firewall-1

Justin Mitzimberg:
    For additional information for the Cisco PIX plugin.

Marco Supino:
    For trouble shooting assistance with endian problems, and compilation
    of the first Solaris versions.

Michael Boman:
    For feature requests, but mainly for being a great sport :)

Mike Koponick
    For bugging me to change the PIX plugin so that it can log into RADIUS
    configured PIXes, and for testing the code.

Paul Knibbs:
    For great assistance in debugging OPSEC related code. Thanks mate!

Peter Barganski:
    For trouble shooting SAM related problems.    

Ralf Hildebrandt:
    For debugging assistance, feature requests, and code clean-ups.

Darryl Sokoloski:
    For the daemon mode and fix for socket-reuse setting and for patch adding
    the Sig_ID. Also, for the idea of the USR2 signal handling, which reloads
    the state file (in case external programs modified it).

Thomas Maier:
    For trouble shooting and testing under Solaris. He also made a machine 
    available for compilation of Solaris versions. Vielen Dank!
    Furthermore, he is the author of the Watchguard plugin.

Tony Nelson:
    For trouble shooting and getting code to compile under various platforms.

Vincent Corriveu:
    For trouble shooting and feature requests.

Bruno Scatolin:
    For the EBtables plugin.

Joe Mazzie:
    For the idea and documentation of the 8signs plugin.

Nima Sharifi Mehr:
    For the idea and writing the ISA Server plugin. Also for the Windows
    Service handling code.

    For the idea of the CHX-I plugin.

Olaf Schreck:
    For picking up where Hector left off, providing a patch to support newer
    versions of OpenBSD, and the Makefile.

Brent Erickson and Sergio Salazar:
    For the idea, sample commands and testing of the Cisco null-route method.

Robert Rolfe 
    For the renewed idea of the ipfw2 plugin based on tables, development of
    plugin sources and testing.

Jeff Kell:
    For the idea of the USR1 signal handling which reinstates previous blocks.

Mark P Clift:
    For the ISA 2004 Server plugin.

and others for providing feedback.

And finally, Marty Roesch and everyone else on the Snort Team for making such
a great Intrusion Detection System!

-- MattJonkman - 09 Mar 2007

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