SnortSam SnmpDown?

This plugin may be used to stop local intruders by shutting-down their switch port.

This plugin uses the database of the trackerd (, so it must be set up and runni ng.

All the "snmp_interface_down" plugin does is only to call the shell script "trackersnmp" with the IP address to be blocked; so, befo re using this pluging, you should test that the above script runs without any problem.

So what does trackersnmp ?

Network Tracker builds a table which records which user is connected on which port of a switch by scanning SNMP-enabled devices. It keeps the inventory of these devices up-to-date by scanning the network regularly. Devices are also checked with ping and SNMP, and the user is informed by email when any of the devices is not alive.

trackersnmp first, finds the given IP in that database to obtain the switch IP, SNMP community names, switch port number and ifindex of that port. Before shutting down the switch port, trackersnmp queries the switch to be sure that the port belongs really to the given IP, and th en, shuts down the port using SNMP. It can also send e-mail which contains all of its output.

For more information about trackersnmp please read its documenation.

To use that plugin add the line below into the snortsam config file: snmpinterfacedown /full_path_of_the/trackersnmp

If the given IP couldn't be found in the trackerd database, no things happen.

Using than plugin is a very effective, but do not forget to define your servers in the "dontblock" list of the snortsam config file.

-- MattJonkman - 09 Mar 2007

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