COLORPICKER{} -- color picker for use in HTML forms for TWiki applications

  • The %COLORPICKER{}% variable is handled by the ColorPickerPlugin.
  • Syntax: %COLORPICKER{ name="..." value="..." }%
  • Parameters:
    Parameter Description Default Example
    name Name of input field (required) name="text_color"
    value Initial color value, in hexadecimal notation for the combination of Red, Green, and Blue color values (RGB). (none) value="#0000ff"
    size Size of input field (browser default) size="12"
    class CSS class of input field (none) class="twikiInputField"
    Additional parameters can be supplied; they will be added to the HTML input field.
  • Example:
    <form action="...">
    %COLORPICKER{ name="text_color" size="12" value="#123456" class="twikiInputField" }%
  • Category: ApplicationsAndComponentsVariables?, DatabaseAndFormsVariables?, EditingAndContentUpdateVariables?, FormattingAndRenderingVariables?, UIAndVisualizationVariables?
  • Related: ColorPickerPlugin, TWikiForms
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