SETGETDUMP{...} -- dump persistent variables

  • Dump persistent name/values previously set with %SET{}%. The %SETGETDUMP{}%, %SET{}%, and %GET{}% variables are handled by the SetGetPlugin.
  • Syntax: %SETGETDUMP{ format="..." separator="..." }%
  • Parameters:
    Parameter DescriptionSorted ascending Default
    format="..." Format output using variables $name and $value "name: $name, value: $value <br />"
    separator="..." String used for separating entries "\n"
  • Example: %SETGETDUMP{"| $name | $value |" separator="$n"}% - see more examples.
  • Category: ApplicationsAndComponentsVariables?, DevelopmentVariables?
  • Related: GET, IF, SET, SetGetPlugin, SpreadSheetPlugin#FuncSET

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